Meet Our Team

Our amazing student services team is what makes La Lingua Language School the best choice!

We can speak over 7 languages and we are always around to give you full support both in English and your own language.


We have connections in the Australian and expat/student community, and can help you make friends, find a job, find accommodation, and of course help with your studies and any problems you have.


From the first time you contact us to the day you graduate, we will help make your Sydney experience great.

Japanese, English

Tomoko Sakaida

Tomoko has worked at La Lingua since 2008. She first came to Australia in 2004 with a Working Holiday visa to study English. This experience helped her to understand student's feelings, like difficulties of life overseas or issues related to studying. She is friendly and loves to hang with students and support them, not just as staff but as a friend!

Spanish, Portuguese, English

Maria Mayo

Maria started working at La Lingua in 2016 as a Spanish teacher, before becoming Marketing Manager for Europe & Latin America. Before she moved to Australia, she lived and worked in the marketing and education field in Spain, the U.K., and China. Service-oriented with a strong academic background, she specialises in providing educational, personal, and academic orientation for students settling down in Sydney. She is passionate about travelling, helping others, and learning new languages!

Korean, English

Songhee Lee

Songhee has worked at La Lingua since 2017. She takes care of students from South Korea and Indonesia, as well as teaching Korean language. Before moving to Australia, she lived in Canada, travelled a lot, and worked in tourism in South Korea. She loves to share her experience and to make sure that everyone is happy at La Lingua!

Yuko Spargo (1).jpg

Thai, Japanese, English

Yuko Spargo

Yuko has worked at La Lingua since 1998 - over 20 years! She started her career as a high school teacher in Japan, then taught Japanese language in Thailand for many years before coming to Australia. She is friendly and enthusiastic, always taking it upon herself to give students the great attention and care they need to succeed.

Yuko Spargo (1).jpg

Chinese, English

Carolyn Shi

Carolyn was a high school teacher and university associate lecturer in China for many years before immigrating to New Zealand in 1996. Since then, she has worked in the international education industry for over 20 years in both NZ and Australia, giving her an excellent understanding of government policies and procedures for the private school sector. As a mother of two, she is very good at identifying students needs and resolving student issues in both study and personal development.

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Alana Bryant

Alana has worked at La Lingua since 2015, starting as an English teacher before becoming the Director of Studies in 2016. Before that, she was a primary school teacher and lived in the USA and Cambodia. She is passionate about providing quality education in a dynamic learning environment, where all students are free to be themselves, achieve academic success, and enjoy their time in Sydney!